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Q: What’s your history and experience with wedding photography?

A: Choosing the photographer that is right for you will make the experience much more fun and pleasant for you and your significant others and it will produce better result on the photos as well. I have been shooting weddings and engagement for around 8 years now and I continue to enjoy working with clients for their special moments.  You can check out About page to find out more about me. And please feel free to ask any further question about me or any service I offer.

Q: What is the rate for your photography service?

A: Pricing can vary depending on the service you purchase. However, don’t let budget and pricing steer you away. I am happy to work with you on your budget as long as it’s within reason. 

Q: How many images will I receive from my session?

A: It depends on what type of photography session you purchase. For a typical wedding, I deliver around 500 photographs of carefully selected high quality images. I love capturing as many precious moments and highlights of your day. I shoot in RAW and deliver high-resolution JPGs at the final production. These will be memories that you can cherish forever in your possession.

Q: Do you offer album production service?

A: Yes, I offer the album production service. Production times vary, but usually within 4-6 weeks from the time you select your images.  You will receive two layout change approvals before it goes to print. Another route that has been getting popular amongst couple lately is to take the high res image I provide and design and produce the album themselves. All the images I provide will be in printable high resolution format so this alternative will definitely work.

Q: How many photos can we put in an album?

A: I recommend that you select 40-50 photos. I will organize the entire layout of your selected photos and will place them in chronological order.

Q: What type of cameras do you use?

A: One of the key factors to ensure the high quality images is the size of the sensor on your camera. I have been using full frame Nikon cameras for many years now. I also use wide variety of the lens and off-camera flashes for different effects. 

Q: Do you offer destination weddings?

A: Certainly yes. I can also participate in planning of the destination wedding. I love travel so I am ready and willing to tag along and give you the best shooting experiences.

Q: Do you offer videography services?

A: I am currently not offering any video services. However, I can make referral for a good videographer if you would like to be connected to one.

Q: We would love to meet with you prior to the selection. What should we do?

A: This is a really important step in working with the clients. So feel free to let me know when and where you would like to meet up in person and I will make it work around your schedule.

Q: We are very shy, uncomfortable in front of a camera. How can you help us?

A: I get this concern from most of the clients and it is very natural to feel such way in front of a camera lens. There are several ways I provide to navigate this. First, I have been told by many clients that my general demeanor is relaxing and approachable. Second, I like to build relationship and collaborate with clients prior to the session so we can exchange ideas and gradually prepare for the it, which has proven to help with the day significantly. Third, I will provide coaching on the day of shooting when I see something off. Lastly, this is probably the most important secret. Think of the session as making memories doing fun activity together with your significant others.

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