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Hi. Thank you for taking the time to check out my site. Let me share a few facts about myself.

  • My name is Kyu Kim - Kyu is pronounced like a letter 'Q'

  • I am currently based in San Jose, California serving clients in general San Francisco Bay Area

  • I have been doing photography for ~15 years and started photographing wedding/engagement since 2012.

  • I enjoy shooting with clients whether it's wedding, engagement, family, or babies. The aspect of collaboration and building relationship with the clients is very enticing for me.

  • I have lived in 3 different continents so far in my life. North America (USA), Asia (Korea), and Africa (Libya).

  • Before converting to full time photographer, I worked in high tech in Silicon Valley for ~20 years. The experience gave me a hands on understanding of the fast paced and intense nature of the high tech industry, a lot of which is transferable for wedding industry

  • I am married to a beautiful wife who took my photo on the left

  • My passion in photography is boundless. I love taking pictures of pretty much anything and everything. You can check out some of the other works in my instagram below.

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